Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Off to California

I'm working a full day tomorrow then off to Sacramento to hang with Jeromy and Carrie and hopefully their new baby boy. It will be the 3rd boy of 4 kids.

Little "Indy" is due on Friday. Indy's mother has three previous children all born within a day of their due date. Think this one will be just as close? Shall we take bets? Ok, you can bet whatever but I'm on the side of the mother's intuition. That means the baby will be born in the next 72 hours. Jeromy thinks it will be tomorrow night. I hope so since I'm only going to be there for three days. I hope Jeromy is right so I can meet this little boy.

New babies are amazing.

As far as the name "Indy" goes, I think Jeromy wants to name him Indy Micah and Carrie wants to name him Micah Alexander. I always like names with an 'x' in them. Signing Indy Dyer is cool cause it has two 'y's. And of course Micah is a wonderful name, just ask my cousin Micah.

We'll find out what the final answer will be soon enough.


Jen said...

Have fun!!! Exciting for Jeremy and Carrie.

Kerianne said...

will you keep in up to date since I think the parentals are bad at up to the moment news?