Monday, September 26, 2005

long time

It's been a while since I posted. Minna and I have been very busy with a few things. Namely buying a house and moving 3 times and going on vacation all within about 3 weeks, as well as doing our everyday things like going to work, and taking care of the baby.

We are now living in our new apartment, that is a co-op that, that we bought, that we love, that we are still trying to unpack. It's so awesome and I want everyone to see how awesome it is.

We began our 1of3 move by moving from our old apartment. waiting to long to make a decision on whether or not to stay another month, which we should have done. Waiting until after the landlord had a new tenant and since we thought he wouldn't give us back our deposit we packed it up and moved all our stuff into our friends' garage who are very generous. This we did to keep our deposit, which we got back. Why didn't we move into our new place I hear you asking. well, because our new place wasn't ready yet. And I can hear the numbers crunching in your head... we moved three times, yes three. We thought that our place would be ready by the close date of the 12th. Which is before our friends would be moving on the 15th. But our close date turned out to be the 20th. So with our friends moving the stuff on the inside of their house we were moving our stuff on the inside of their garage to the inside of their new garage. This was so annoyingly dreadful knowing that we would be moving again, wishing our place was ready. So when we finally signed the papers and the place was ours... the floors were still sticky from the new finish put on that day, unbeknownst to us until at that moment we sealed our shoe prints in the entryway, to be reconciled to have to stay one more night not in our own home.

Our new home is so awesome not just because we waited an extra week to close, or because we lived in our friends living room, with our stuff in their basement, out of a suitcase for 3 weeks, and its actually nice to have a place to live, period. But because the space is nice and the kitchen and bathroom were redone. Yep, really it's nice to have a place to live.