Monday, May 23, 2005

cool toy

I've lived in Seattle long enough to say I'm from there, but mostly I love the water that is all around and about Seattle. I would love to live by the water. And if I did. I would buy one of these. You would get some unusual attention and it would be the coolest thing ever. A hyrofoil human powered water craft, that goes pretty darn fast for being human powered. found at click here

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Coney Island

This weekend we went to the New York Aquarium. We filed in through the front doors behind every couple in NYC with kids and at they all had at least 2 or 3 strollers per child. They weren't the average stroller they were the SUV strollers that Mother's dream about pushing along a sunny boardwalk with few people around. Here they were in this Aquarium Saturday traffic with strollers in this underwater wonderland where no kid in their right mind would want to see live swimming clown fish from the distant comfort of their stroller. Minna Hannah and I joined our friends Greg and Erin. This aquarium was a pretty cool aquarium with lots of tanks of fish and strange creatures.

We saw everything from seahorses to Pirana, penguins, sharks and jellyfish.

We also saw a Seal training demonstration, and I think the most impressive thing thes seals did, besides eat the amazing amount of fish that the trainers provided for every good behavior, was behave exactly as the trainer had them behave. It was actually entertaining to see these seals clap their flippers on command and wave to the crowd.

The entertainment wasn't so much the trick as it was the perfect behavior. The bag of tricks wasn't that big but the performance was exact. Truely the training invloved was extensive.

The crowds were thick and next time we won't take a stroller, but it was a fun excursion.