Sunday, July 24, 2005

I hate rent

I feel like I throw way too much money out the door and into someone else's pocket, namely Paul, our landlord. Paul is a nice guy and he fixes things that need fixing. But I don't want to give him so much money, It makes me sick to think how much money we've given this guy, no investment no returns. "here have all my money, like I need it". No more. Minna and I made an offer on a COOP. A Co-Op is a Corporation that owns a building. We are acutally buying shares of a corporation that owns the apartment we'll be living in (if all goes as planned). We're very excited about it and fall asleep at night dreaming of our own place, and how we'll make it ours. It'll be much smaller and we won't have our own washer and dryer, but I won't have to donate my hard earned money to Paul, and get no return. Here's what it looked like when I went to visit. (they are renovating and we'll have an all new kitchen and bathroom when it's all done)

so much to catch up on

We've been having so much fun!

Most recently we've had some friends over. The Truscotts came from Boston. We went to Grimaldy's Pizza, just below the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side.

When we got there we had to wait maybe 10 minutes to get a table. While we were there I was waiting in line to change Hannah (there was only one bathroom), I overhear this guy saying that this is the best brickoven pizza in NY. Anyway, we finish up and pay the bill and walk outside and to our dismay find a line at least a hundred people long. Apparently it's pretty good pizza, I mean, I liked it.

While the Truscotts where here Minna and I took the opportunity to make use of our nice tent that we got a while back and never have had the chance to use.

It had been soooo long since I've been camping. Even in our backyard it was good to sleep out of doors. The Truscotts enjoyed our bed. We slept on a great air mattress and Hannah slept on some fluffy blankets next to us.

In other news Minna and I were trying to make the biggest bubble ever.