Sunday, August 29, 2004


We go through life traveling, we moved around everyday it ages us, we gain or loose heath by our daily journeys. Life is a journey. Even if we don't think we are moving, we are. Things are always changing. For example if you live in a home and then move out and then have the opportunity to visit the same home again it's the exact same home and it may look the same but yet it doesn't seem the same, even if it looks the same. Two days ago we arrived in Seattle and drove away from the curb on our journey toward Lake Stevens. We pulled around the way and headed toward the freeway, my wife's father passed this same stretch circling maybe five or six times before he picked us up. Many cars passed this way accumulating thousands of laps every day. I'm suprised that the smog around the airport is not more donut shaped. They should create an automobile race at the airport called the Airport 500. Here the ground is trodden and anything there upon. As we drove away from the airport passing white lines, a car floor-mat half fliped over by passing cars we discussed the flight and flying's usualities.

Yesterday we drove back to the airport picking up my wife's mother having who had been in Utah for the week. Minna dropped me off and circled while I went to the bathroom. Her mother would not arrive for a few more minutes. I came back and took the wheel while she went in to use the facilities. I eased onto the gas pedal to begin my slow circling and add my treads to the unofficial airport 500 race. I rounded the first bend curious about the interesting airport architechture, keeping my eye on the road began the turn back toward the curb passing a car floor mat, the same mat I'd seen the night before but a hundred yards further down the road. It was now at the fork where the road splits to head toward the freeway or back toward the exit. It seemed like the mat had traveled the distance on its own, 100 yards in almost 24 hours. It was the same mat I had seen the night before yet different having moved along on its path it had progressed in its journey unnoticed by passers by. I would say that 100 yards for a car mat is quite a distance (on its own). What a journey. We picked up Minna's mother and I tried to snap a photo of the mat. The photo didn't turn out but I have the memory. This week Minna's brother is getting married. I'll be going back and forth many times to the airport this week picking up relatives. I may see the same mat again perhaps a little further on its journey. I'll try again for a picture but it won't be the same.