Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer, I'm so glad you are here, and you ARE here.

So far summer has been amazing.

We went camping
We went to DC.

We went to the Pacific Northwest. My highlights are

1 Getting there:
On the day we wanted to leave, I was taking care of church business that morning and got a flat tire... I was actually trying to get all my tasks done for Youth Conference so I could leave a day early, apparently I was supposed to stay.

Waiting to fly
So the day after we wanted to go, the flights were full. Finally waiting at the gate, one seat was available so Minna went to Seattle. The last one on the plane, she walked down the jetbridge and looked back at me holding Hannah and Jane's hands as they closed the doors. Anyway we ended up going to Portland, Oregon with no luggage (it went with Minna). We stayed with some friends (Wyatt and Britany), and went to church with them the next day. Hannah and Jane didn't have any church clothes. Oh well they'll just look out of place.
Apron skirts
But amazingly at the last second before we walked out the door Hannah found some aprons, who knows where??, that worked as wrap skirts for the girls. They weren't perfect but they were better than shorts.

2 The Beach: What can I say. This is why we went.
Cannon Beach
It was wonderfully relaxing and easy going. The weather didn't really cooperate for flying kites so much but we were IN the Cannon Beach parade.

3 The Cape Mears Lighthouse:
Lighthouses are just fun especially when they let you go to the top. But I wanted a nice kite aerial photo. I disregarded the nearby kite-eating trees, and 30 seconds into flying my kite. CHOMP, the tree took a bite of my kite. I was so embarrassed. A grown adult flying a kite next to a tree.
Stuck in the tree
Well, what did you expect!? So I didn't want to lose this kite, it was kind of expensive. So I climbed the tree and pulled and yanked but in the end I had to cut the line.
My tree climbing wound
The awesome part is that I was victorious over the tree, and I got an awesome wound.

4 Helping Minna back to NYC: My trip eventually ended and I went back to NY only to return to Seattle in a marathon flight weekend to go pick them up and fly back to NYC. This quick trip included a jaunt into Seattle to see our friends Tysha and Jacob. And a date with Minna at Lake Stevens, with a funny trip through the "Chicken Drive Through".

That's it then we came home.

This weekend: Harry Potter on Long Island!