Thursday, March 27, 2008

I went to Salt Lake this week

I went to Salt Lake for work. Then when I was off to Provo to hang out with my siblings. It's so fun to hang out with them. I arrived Tuesday night and left Wednesday night.

Tuesday night we played some baseball, football and had dinner at Sharalee's. Then I went to Shane's and rode his new (to him) motorcycle.

The next day after work we all met at a place for BBQ, where we talked about our childhoods, and I left for the airport. It was a quick trip. I was only there for 35 hours. It would have been 31 hours but the plane was delayed.

I love my siblings. They are so cool. Too bad Jeromy couldn't be there.


Ben and Shara said...

We are so glad that you made it!

p.s. I am a white sheep. Not ivory, not cream, not egg-shell, WHITE.

Kerianne said...

Im glad you came!
It was fun to see you.
I'll keep looking for jobs in NY.
Hey how do I enter minnas photo assignment. Where does she post it?
I've been wondering about it.

Jacobson Five said...

If you are ever in town for more then 35 hours it would be fun to see you. Let us know.

Shane ( team rad ) said...

That Bike is HOT!

Wyatt said...

Probably too late to post on this one, but that bike looks pretty fun. I'm liking the cafe style vintage bikes more and more these days. Also do an image search for street tracker... I like that style too.