Friday, March 14, 2008

I have a question

What is your worst talent?

Or it could be phrased as: what are you really bad at? But I phrased it as 'your worst talent' because sometimes you might be good at something that might not be something good to be good at.

I'm really bad at dialing phone numbers on a regular phone. Cell phones aren't so difficult but I think I'm button number challenged. I'm also pretty good at riding my bike with no hands.

Yes, the photo is me, with a beard, wearing my favorite hat that I lost. I should mention that this photo was taken in Greenland.


Shane ( team rad ) said...

debate ably sticking my tongue up in my nasal cavity from the back of my mouth. However I can also do standing front flips and land on my back, with minimal pain... 50% of the time.

Ben and Shara said...

I'm really good at being Anal. Yes, it is true. I can not tell a lie. I get fixated of the smallest detail and often times let it run me leading me to utter destruction and ruin.

I'm also really good at expanding the story. Or should I say telling fish stories. My kids like this attribute. Adults do not. Ah well, I guess you will never know when I'm really telling the truth! Neat right?!?

Whirl Winds said...

I was so excited to get your message. I had no idea you lived in Queens. You are lucky. I love Queens. We will surely visit sometime if you don't mind. We have plans to stay a few days in the area sometime in the future. We live in Albany NY.

Hannah Stevenson said...

Greenland doesn't look very green does it?

Kerianne said...

Im really great at going without showering. Its a great joy to me to wear the same clothes day after day, and even to sleep.

which I guess in turn made me a great trailwalker at Anasazi.

Brittany said...

i doubt anyone will notice that i even commented on this post since it's about a week or so late. but just for the fun of it.

i am really good at being late. i thought of this one as i drove to work this morning and thought about the fact that every morning i roll into work five minutes late. it doesn't matter what i do - i am always late.