Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cool things I get paid to do

I had an interesting day at work today taking photos.

I went to the airport.

And took a tour of the new JetBlue terminal. It is supposed to open later this year.

It's right behind the old TWA building.

It's very roomy.

Then I met with some folks from Aer Lingus to take photos that will help train JetBlue folks, since we're all friendly and stuff now.


Ben and Shara said...

I don't know how you get paid for all the crazy, interesting things you do. What a swell job you have!

Miriam Lovell Dyer said...

This is fun for me to see also. Nice pics!

Kristi said...

Since you're all friendly and stuff, what exactly do you do??

Dan said...

I work for JetBlue. I make training videos and similar stuff. The whole friendly thing is that JetBlue and Aer Lingus just recently announce plans for a partnership. So I got to go take photos!