Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm back in NYC

We had a great time in Sacramento. Well, Minna is still having fun there with the girls. They are all patiently waiting for a baby to come.

Waiting after the due date is the worst. I know because we waited nine days past Hannah's due date for her to be born.

My parents came Friday night and Saturday. I love when my girls get to see their grandparents. Jane even recognized them so it hasn't been that long since they've seen them.

My red-eye left at 12:15am Monday morning. I got there and was hoping there would be enough seats to actually lay down. No such luck. Apparently 26 people had missed the previous once-a-day flight because of the time change. They were all trying to get on my flight. Since I was flying stand-by, this is bad news for me. I did make it on, and actually slept ok.

I've almost got the flying-sleeping thing down pat. Here is what helps me.
  1. I put something under my feet, the higher the better. I had my bag down there.
  2. I put my belt around my knees because when they flop around when I start to doze. I was in the middle seat and my neighbors both looked at me a little funny when I did this.
  3. On JetBlue they give out earplugs. They help tremendously, to drown out the PAs.
  4. I'm still working out the head bobbing thing. Neck pillows don't work for me. Once when I was in the very last row I took my long sleeve t-shirt and tied my head to the seat. That kept my head from bobbing all over. I think people really got a kick out of it on the way to the bathroom.
Anyway, I got enough sleep to be functional at work, so that's the important thing.


Christy Dyer said...

I didn't know all the answers to flying at night. I'm so glad you let us in on all the little secrets. Plus it did give us a great laugh tonight for FHE.

Jacobson Five said...

Wow Dan that is quite a science. I am so suprised that people look at you funny. It seems totally natural to have a belt around your knees. Whatever it takes.

Brittany said...

my favorite is number 4! i can just picture it. i'm going to have to ask my mom what the weirdest thing she has seen on the plane is - she's a flight attendant. i'll tell her your story...