Sunday, July 04, 2004

invited back

I've been invited back to New York. This company called JetBlue seems to like me enough to ask me more questions this coming wednesday. Last monday Laura from JetBlue called and I returned her call the same day but seemingly too late for she did not answer her phone. The next morning we talked and I was asked to come back to New York to speak with the department manager Steve. But the best part about this whole thing is that Laura called back and left a message inviting Minna to come along for the trip, if she was available. Of course Minna was down for that! The message also said that she could give Minna a tour and meet some of the people there while I was in my interview. So NICE! who knows what this could mean but the possibility of Minna and I going to New York is so fabulous! We know its expensive rent, that's all anyone says about living in New York. It would be kind of nice to hear about the other nice things that New York has to offer. Were this exciting opportunity to come we would be able to see so many cool things an have so many new adventures. We are amazed at howt this could change our lives.

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