Wednesday, July 14, 2004


tonight I went swimming. by my self. it was amazing. swimming at night has it's amazing qualities. it is first of all, still... the water is picturesque and black. reflecting any lights from yonder near perfect. you can't see anything underwater but close to the shore... where you realized how clear it really is... even in the dark you can see your feet stepping through the water as rises past the belly. the water is cool but not so cold it's unbearable. its just waking temperature. and my body feels alive slipping into the unknown. all I feel is water no ground. I am deeper, I don't know what's below me. but controlling the fear is good practice. I move the water past me and slip away from the shore. it becomes distant and so does everything else. The stars close in and viewing them at night while swimming in the lake rivals that of hearing the silence that falling snow brings to a hillside. further from shore the slightest water movement is very loud, the next state could hear these micro splashes it if they were awake. My own foot surfacing surprises me. I'm out pretty far. it's quite thrilling to think of how deep the water could be. i look around nobody, nothing seems to care I'm there. it's a good thing. the lake though is just as thrilled in it's quiet excitement that I'm learning again how great the stars are from the middle. I tread for a bit, taking in everything, heading back to the shore I'm swimming and focused on the floating buoy I went under when I crossed the swim boundry, and beyond that much further I see the shore. eventually I'll get there again.. I'll just feel the water's quietness for now.

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