Monday, July 19, 2004

end of the road

Well, we found it. Minna and I did, the end of the road. We went on a fabulous drive on one of the more fun packed saturdays that we've ever had. We drove past Granite Falls and Verlot on this a winding road along side a river. The road was packed with trail heads along the sides and some hikers here and there. The pavement ended and we kept going on the gravel that kicked up the dry dust onto the freshly washed car. Oh well it is worth it to wash the car again to see where this road goes. Finally we drove up to a concrete blocker and a "road end" sign. We found it. We hiked a bit on the road and we saw this collection of jumbled rocks and fallen trees that had been over grown by moss, softening the trees to a rotted wonder. I walked up from the road, stepping on the soft jumbled hillside. It felt like there was something underneath, like there was a hidden world of gnomes and hobbits hidding underneath all of it. I was just making flip-flop prints in their ceilings.

Minna took this awesome picture.

The rest of the day consisted of a picnic lunch and driving to a golf course to hit on the range for a bit. It was Minna's first time. She is quite athletic and did a fabulous job of swinging. If she practices a little more I'm dead meat in a round of 9 with her.

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