Monday, July 26, 2004

Dental Convention

Smart Irony, this place was full of it.

This past weekend my friend Weston came to town, it was good to catch up.

He works for a company that makes money on one of the most hated ways to spend money by one of the most hated professionals. The company is called Wykle Research. This company makes amalgams. An amalgam is what is used to fill the cavity in your tooth. There were two observations to me that were interesting when I visited Weston at this dental convention. Before I make these observations I would like to note that the majority of the dentists were male while I never did spot a male hygenist (everone wears tags telling their position).

1 - the many isles of booths were filled with hundreds of people, milling about, who make their living by sticking their fingers into other people mouths. As I passed one vendor selling rubber gloves I thought, "if there is any company that would make any money at this convention it would be this company," that company and the three booths that were selling jewelry to the hundreds of hygenists, these people are smart.

2 - many of the vendors selling products to these professionals were handing out candy.

And so to all the companys at the convention, who know a whole lot about job security, Wykle Research says, "Thank you"

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