Monday, June 14, 2004

naming things

I like to make lists of things. I keep a couple of lists of what I would name something. For example names for pets. Minna and I were talking about things we don't like to say, and we thought that if we had pets with names that are words we don't want to say then we would find ourselves saying these words less. Our list consits of 'like' 'dude' 'sooo' and 'ya-know'

If we had a dog named Like and a Cat named Dude we'd probably say those words alot less in our everyday word useage because we would be more aware of it. Think of it... "heeeere Dude"...or ... "sit Like, sit."

We were talking today about trying to improve our fake sneezing ability. And decided to ad the name "Repeated Sneezes" to the list of names for a band.

I'm holding a small kitten
This picture is very old of my holding Sophia's kitten. My friend Brian is doing dishes I believe. We're at Sophia's house.

I believe names are important for things that don't have much value monetarily but are important like pets. I have not named my computer but i've named my harddrive. because my harddrive is valuable but not worth much. My computer well... I paid a lot for it so I've never named it. but harddrives must be named. I've never named any of my own cars. My car seems a part of me, and extension, and naming one's self is a bit wierd. But in talking to my friend Karl the other day I was thinking of his car 'The Blue Banshee" and wondered if he has replaced it.

Nicknames must be given by other people. There was a trend in the recent years here in seattle amongst friends to have you house named. I lived in the Ranch House. named by a visitor. I remember a house full of girls. One girl wanted to name it the "Star house" I never thought it would stick, it didn't. I remember another girls house. They had two girls named holly living there and it became the hollie-holly house. and that name stuck well, and they never liked the name.

I just can't wait for a band to come out named "Repeated Sneezes". I'll claim the thought first, but you just wait.... they'll be a band with that name in the future...


Anonymous said...

Repeated sneezes does sound like a good band name, but if you really want to do them, I've heard that spitting as you try to fake it works, or so I've been told. Thanks for coming home and bringing your wife. We like her. I bought a wet suit yesterday and went to tahoe last night, twas fun. Its super fun having shane around to tag behind. Life is good fun in Reno. See you in August---Keri

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, the point of posting a comment was to tell you that your homestar link doesnt work.. it goes to (see the missing e)