Thursday, June 10, 2004

First One

This is my very first ever blog, for all to see. I might as well write something... important. How about an abstract (it's not supposed to make sense):

I was walking fine but I couldn't run. That's the problem with muscles. They like to work. Mine was working so hard, as I began to enjoy the concrete. I stepped more and more and stepping helped. I once time saw the house that kids were throwing stuff at Minna, thence time they missed. Home was nice. A ways away, I saw the single car and supposed the driver said, "sure I'll go, meet me here". Poor van nobody likes it. Poor busstop it's so far away. I saw a dog I should've known but the walker said, "we live by the park" I said "nice". My stomach felt better and I stepped more slower.

I went running today, but I'm sooooo out of shape.

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