Friday, June 11, 2004

Random Rambling

Some cool things that are going on my my life right now:

My Marriage. I've only been married for 10 months now and it really is nice. Everyday I feel closer to my wife. I feel like we are growing in massive amounts (not physically) but in all other ways. I feel like I've been shown all of my shortcomings and here in my marriage I'm allowed to work on them, AND after finding all these out my wife still loves me.

Fantasy golf. This is really cool. My male family members are golfing on Yahoo Golf. We don't exactly email all the time so it's kinda cool to have this place that we all meet and have a little competition.

Job. I'm looking for a job. I have no job, but my business is doing better than it ever has. (Duster Books) I'm selling lots of books and spending alot of time making them. I'm quite enjoying it actually. But I've applied for a position at JetBlue and they flew me out for an interview. I'm now waiting for a call back... OK I should really tell the whole story...

Once upon a time there was a boy named Dan who had gotten a whole bunch of education and really like to use computers and make movies and websites. He had a few jobs making these types of things but none paid very well and now that he had a master's degree he felt like he should have a real career and a real career-like paycheck. So he applied to many many jobs. Most of them were on the internet. No, all of them were on the internet. This didn't seem to be the best way to get the attention of recruiters so he decieded that he needed to take extreme measures. He had heard of a man who did the same thing and it landed him a job at the software giant Microsoft. "What a good idea" Dan thought the first time he had heard of this idea. He thought it was the coolest thing but he didn't have a company in mind worth trying this idea on... Until one day while he was in Boston and his good friend Tadd (his website) told him about this CEO of an airline who was sooo totally awesome that he would go on the airplanes and serve the passengers their peanuts (even as a CEO). Dan got home to Seattle and looked up all sorts of articles about this company and it's CEO. Dan decided that this was the company that he liked the most and would like to try some extreme measures to get a job there. The CEO's name is David Neeleman. So Dan decided to make a website that would attract enough attention that the CEO David Neeleman would want to hire him. Please see the website: and then come back here (oh, don't forget to compare it to

Well the story goes that Dan made a few comments on their "Customer Care" website about "how cool" their company was and that he had made a "fan" website. Well eventually a woman called from JetBlue and told him that his qualifications didn't meet the minimums for the position that he applied for but that there was another position that would fit his skills. She gave him the number to some other hiring people there in JetBlue. So he ended up talking to 4 people before he had a little pre-interview. A woman named Jenny from JetBlue was going to be there in seattle and met him for lunch... At first he thought that this was going to be his first interview of 3 or so. Well it's looking more like it was the interview to make sure Dan wasn't crazy having made the wierd website and all. Well he was invited into the Corp. HQ for an interview. How exciting. These extreme measures were working!! He thought the interview went well, and they asked for some of his urine in a cup. With that taken care of JetBlue then paid for his lunch as he ate with two of the women he would be working with were he to get the job. Farewell was said, and Dan was on his own in New York, until his flight back to Seattle. He got home and sent the background check they gave him to fill out... The story is yet to be finished... They did say that the website did attract alot of attention from the people there at JetBlue. as a matter of fact the biggest attention getter was the video posted on the website "Like My Dad". Everyone watched it and they all wondered what he would look like.... ha. He has yet to post a picture of his dad on there. The mystery remains as to whether or not Mr. David Neeleman himself has acutally seen the website. Dan thinks he has.

Crazy exciting huh? I'll post the email I sent to friends and family later.

other things going on.

House sitting. Minna and I are living in this totally awesomely free house... at least until we move to NY or until the owners come home. The home belongs to the Molloys. They are retired, and now professional RV-ers. Now in Minnesota somewhere visiting grandkids we have full rein of their house... well sorta. We just use the upstairs. There's a pool table and a telephone. What else more could you use. Oh a bathroom. yep that's here too.

Going to Reno. Next week Minna and I will off to Reno to visit my family. Everyone will be there and we're gonna have so much fun there.

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