Friday, June 11, 2004

the story

This is the story of my trip to New York for my JetBlue intervew. This was an email sent to my family and friends.
Thank you everyone for your prayers I really think they helped. I felt so comfortable and confident about my interview, I was truely blessed with energy and confidence.

Ok, so I was scheduled for a 11:59 pm flight out of Seattle. I knew I wouldn't get too much sleep on the plane so I took a nap that afternoon for about 2 hours. this would come in handy over the next 36 hours. Flying on JetBlue's famous airplanes with a TV for each seat was pretty cool. except most channels dish out infomercials after midnight. they don't serve meals but they load you up on snacks. I had two small orange juices (which would later haunt me) and a cookie. I watched an infomercial made by pontiac. It was a "documentary" on making a car chase. but they highlighted Pontiac's new sports sedans. one of the coolest ideas for an infomercial I've ever seen. about 30 minutes before we landed at 8:10 NY time I fell asleep. I woke up at landing. Jet Blue has dominated JFK airport they have most of one terminal. and it's all "jetblue-ed" out. but the cool thing was we didn't taxi very long. (we taxied for hours when we flew to Boston) and I got a taxi right outside of where I changed into my interview clothes. Minna taught me a cool trick of spraying your clothes with water (just a bit) then giving your shirt two hard shakes. nicely done. I had fresh clothes. The taxi ride was about $16 and the office it was only about 3 miles away. the driver stopped in front of an unassuming tall building with nothing but an address. I walked in and there was a big glowing jet blue sign on the wall. and the wall had a familiar two tone blue stripe. I signed in at the front desk and went to the 6th floor. I met a few other people getting interviews and we talked for a bit. I ate my energy bar. I met two very nice ladies I had talked to on the phone. Laura and Tanarra. We found an empty conference room and I was interviewed. I think I had some tough questions. like how do you deal with negativity and I told of my bike shop experience. they asked about priority of tasks when there is pressure. I was able to make them laugh a few times. I was taken on a tour of the building and peaked in where there was the annual stock holders meetings. I saw david neeleman. up in the front speaking. I was shown other things. They have a big huge simulator and they have training for tons of their new flight attendants. which includes a full size airplane cabin (but it's only about 10 rows long) they take up most of the 6 floors. There are a few offices that aren't theirs but they will probably be aquiring those. It was nearly lunch time Laura and Tanarra exited the room for a moment and Tanarra came back and asked if I would like to take a drug test, just to get it out of the way. yep. so I met one of the nicest people who assigned me my cup and showed me the bathroom. I was a bit astonished when she didn't hesitate as I gave the cup to her, pouring my warm specimen into another test tube and sealing it, like some crazy chemist mixing a special concoction for lunch. I met tanarra again and she and leslie wanted lunch, but first I met with the big wig of JetBlue University, he was full of energy and wanted 0 nonsense. I felt he had just a bit of ego, but he was a fighter pilot, and a trainer at top gun, I returned his energy as he gave it out and asked where I would like to be in 5 years. "family, home moved up in Jet Blue" 10 years? "i'll have your job" He smiled and said only a few have said that. he was the numbers guy signing the checks to spend lots of money. I met tanarra again and we all walked across the street and JetBlue bought my second ever meal. I had a BLT. Lunch was much more casual and I asked them questions about how they've used their flight benefits etc, tannara had just taken a red eye that night as well and everyone was very tired. Afterward tanarra showed me how to get to central park using the subway and gave me a map. I was happily on my own again. The whole morning was spent with JetBlue and mostly with tanarra. I felt comfortable, I felt positive and I felt like they liked me and already knew they wanted to ask me back but just weren't going to say anything yet because they still have to interview a few other people. Over lunch tanarra admited that there were probably going to be 2-3 people hired in this area. Then as I was leaving I thanked her very much and hoped I'd see her again. She gave me a pat on the shoulder and said "i'm sure we'll see you around" it was like a hint, an assurance. I really believe I'll be back in NY for another interview. I was now on my own in the biggest city I've ever been in.

I took the F train but I was supposed to take the E train. some nice philipino lady was more than helpful. she repeated many times which I'm sure was because of my glazed eyes and blank expression. I was running on adrenaline at JetBlue but I had run out. I got off. got on another train. The subway is ugly. Boston's subway is so much nicer. This subway feels dirty, cramped and old. I found my way to Central park.

the jet blue terminal

This place was huge. everything seems big in NY. Central Park seemed like a national park. It wasn't too busy or anything but it was really nice. This was the number one factor in thinking that i would still like to move to NY. I called minna and called another friend ryan. I took some pictures. but really I just wanted to sleep. this sign was pretty coolbut I can't do that on my free trip to NY. I explored the Park. It was so nice and big. sometimes it just doesn't feel like you are in the city when you are in the park. it was quiet, not too many people and it was just beautiful. I went into a very expensive department store and saw an really ugly purse for 1,379 dollars. holy cow that is so gross. I found the bathroom and I changed back into my jeans. I went to time square and then made my way back to the airport. the pond inside central parkI'm running on only 3 or so hours of sleep since i had woke up the day before. I didn't want to walk around any more I didn't want to fly I didn't wan to do anything but sleep. I got on the plane and was asleep before we took off. I slept maybe and hour and woke up feeling better. time squareYes I was still tired but I didn't feel like I would fall right back asleep so I watched TV until we landed. It was so good to see minna. but she had some bad news we were locked out of the house. we tried to break in but it was no use the Malloys have high quality windows and they lock well. we slept at rachel's house. I fell asleep at maybe 2 am. having had maybe 5 hours of sleep in the last 45 hours.central park

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