Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sledding on Christmas Day

This is Jane and I sledding on Christmas Day. She loved it, despite not having gloves or mittens. She laughed and laughed at Lucy (the dog) running along with us. It was such a fun snow day.


Camille said...

She is such a trooper! Wasn't the snow just awesome?! A perfect winter wonderland Christmas. (This is still Hannah by the way)

Blue said...

looking at my site stats freaked me out for a moment when i noticed visited. surfing on the job @fsc are we? ;-) what do you do there?

thanks for the comment. i agree school pix are overpriced and over-rated. the fact that it was almost the only photo taken of me on a regular basis as a kid doesn't really apply to kids growing up in today's digiworld. if anything there are too many photos of them. there's no chance their posterity won't will wonder what their lives are like. they're well-documented.

have a happy new year with the fam, and thanks for stopping by.