Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A short trip to Tahoe with Hannah

One day during our stay in Reno there wasn't much to do and I wanted to go take photos at Tahoe. Minna and none of my siblings wanted to go for the drive. So I invited Hannah, who is pretty much up for anything.

We got out of the truck and it was really cold. I didn't want Hannah running around (we were at scenic outlook where lots of cars pull off) so I put down a sweatshirt on the snowbank and put some gloves on her and she sat there happily while I took photos.

This thing has arrows pointing to various sites around the lake. None of which you could see because of the fog. Hannah wanted to sit right there.


Neha said...

That first picture of Hannah is gorgeous!

Carrie said...

I like that you sat her down to take pictures and all of your pictures are of her. The're so much cuter than scenery and much more fleeting too.