Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Birthday

I never really wrote anything about my birthday, so now I will... nearly three weeks later.

The Chiropractor

We started the day going to the chiropractor for Minna. I was happy to have her feel better. Her back was really bothering her.

Boom Noodle
Minna's parents took care of the kids. Minna and I went to Capital Hill in Seattle and ate at Boom. This delicious noodle place, where I had the biggest bowl of soup I think I've ever eaten.

Toy Store
Right around the corner from Boom was this awesome boutique toy store. We played with all sorts of toys. It's so fun to go into a toy store without kids.

The Movie
We watched Twilight. Which wasn't as good as the book. But the movie was entertaining.

At Home
We had a little celebration at home where Minna gave me a stove top grill! Minna's parents gave me the Planet Earth DVD set. I also received the first Horatio Hornblower book.

I really, really enjoyed my birthday. I had so much fun and it was all so stress free. It was one of the best birthdays I can remember.

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Ben and Shara said...

wow, the Planet Earth Movies are great. I wish I could get it for Ben for Christmas. We love them!!