Monday, December 22, 2008

My mom's head injury

My dad was watching Ben and I playing ping-pong in the garage and Minna came into let my dad know that there had been an accident.

We went in to find my mom sitting on the floor in pain. She had tripped backward and hit her head on an end table. There was a pool of blood on the floor and someone was holding a white cloth with red stains to her head. Her hands were tingly and she said she saw stars.

She cut her head open pretty good.

She refused to go to a doctor, so we called my brother the doctor and he recommended we put some stuff on it to hold the wound closed. That didn't work. We called our veterinarian friend and he sewed her head shut. We were all entertained as he was very handy at the needle and thread.

She is fine, and has been medicated and so she doesn't have a head ache. It's been quite a Sunday afternoon.

This photo is from when we were sending photos of the wound to Jeromy. And we took photos with a ruler. We were trying to see if he thought we should take her to the doctor.

All us kids were very impressed by her tolerance for pain.


Drew said...

All I can say is that I am speechless...okay, a few words:
1. A VETERINARIAN! On Aunt Christie's head!
2. I was a little shocked at first to see the family gathered 'round taking pictures of your Mom's head, until I understood that you were sending them to a professional...but then you called A VETERINARIAN!

I think that I might love my Mom a little more than you love your Mom...okay I am just kidding...a really I am just kidding. I am sure he was a great veterinarian.

candicerail said...

The injury did not have anything to do with the Twister Game did it? That game should be outlawed.

candicerail said...

PS, I wrote the comment by Drew (I did not realize until it was too late that I was signed in as Drew).