Sunday, April 06, 2008

My sister is evil

This is my evil sister.

On April 1, she posted her decision about which school to go to for her Master's in Social Work. I knew she had applied to more than one school but I wasn't too concerned about the schools she applied to.

All us siblings have done our share of traveling, especially her. She's been Guatemala, London and been a Trail Walker with the Anasazi Foundation in Arizona. So she is all about adventure.

When she announced her decision to go to China for her MSW. I had not heard about the application but was not surprised that she would seek the opportunity. But for two years? That's a long time, and she would be away from boys that she could date and marry (yes, I'm opinionated about that). So, I wanted to see what her motivation was. I called her right then.

Bits of our conversation:

Keri:..."You're totally not excited for me?!"
Me:..."I'm excited for you, its just a long time."

I'm still thinking in my head. Wow she'll come back and be totally awesome at speaking Chinese. And... I wonder how expensive it would be to visit her while she's there.

Finally near the end she said, "I'm so glad you called, cause it's just an April Fools joke."

I can't believe it and I fell for it so hard that I called her. Well done. Just wait until next year.

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Holly said...

April Fools day is the Best!
Thanks for entering my contest.