Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The fun part of Boston

Boston was awesome, except for the battle against my sinuses.


We were hanging out with the ultra fun Truscotts.


We did the Freedom Trail


We played Wii.


At 1am when Jane started to scream, I sat up with the Wii still on my mind, I was totally confused and referring to Jane and said, "I think we just need to change the settings".


I climbed Bunker Hill Monument.


We saw David and Debbie's fabulous new home two blocks from Bunker Monument, and ate all their delicious cookies.


We went to the park on Sunday night even though I was feeling horrible, but it was probably the most fun part of the trip.

We entertained our wives and children by jumping over the fence. It was ridiculous.

Notice the excellent form by Tadd.

Gus wanted to be in the photo too so he stood in the background.

We changed Jane's settings and put her in "swing mode".


Jacobson Five said...

Looks like lots of fun. I grew up in on the east coast and have never been to Boston, how bad is that.

Hannah Stevenson said...

The jumping was seriously amazing!

Kerianne said...

serious form there. I bet you were huffing and puffing by the end. Look at you guys go... former high jumpers?