Friday, February 29, 2008

Leaving for the north

Five years ago I shaved my head, then the very next day I learned I was going on a journey to the cold north. The expedition base camp was to be Alert, Nunavut (Canadian territory), a mere 522 miles from the North Pole. The scientists I was following would fly out to the ice near or at the North Pole to do their science thing and I would video tape them. I spent weeks getting ready. I grew my hair out. I wrote an outline and partial script for the video. I spent my allowance for gear that they gave me. I gathered video equipment. Then I packed it all up one night, and the next morning Minna took me to the airport while it was still dark.


Kerianne said...

Man I have such a cool brother! Its so cool you did that!

Jacobson Five said...

The beard is a nice look for you.