Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan

It's my friend Ryan's birthday. We've had some good times together. He's been in many of my videos from Hawaii and more. Wyatt and Britney made a birthday tribute to him.

I'll add my part to the tribute:

Ryan likes milkshakes

Ryan helped make the Canoe House famous

Skateboarding with Ryan

Ryan helped shaved my head

And Ryan stars in one of my all time favorite videos called "Making Up".

Oh yes I can't forget The hike


Jen said...

Hey happy birthday to your friend Ryan. Your blog is awsome, it was great to hear from you. We need to get Rick to do a blog.

Tysha & Jacob said...

Yeah for Ryan! We ran into him and Jonah last weekend and get to go to his big old b-day party on Saturday! Rumor has it Wyatt & Tiff will be there, among other old friends - I can barely wait! There are definite moments when I am caught up in nostalgia and I talk Jacob's ears off telling him all about my old "ranch house" buddies and all the fun adventures we had! Wouldn't it be great if someday we had a reunion? Glad you remembered to pay tribute to a grand old friend!