Monday, February 25, 2008

I have a question?

I work with a pretty tech savvy group, but when I asked this question, the answer was 'no'.

Have you ever sold anything online?

Minna and I recently sold a bunch of stuff on ebay and have sold some stuff on (the best garage sale ever). So have you, and what was it?

For us it was:
This wonderful table we were sad to part with, but it didn't fit in our small space.

We even sold Minna's car on ebay before we moved to New York.

Here is almost everything we've ever sold online. This doesn't include the leather journal business I used to have.


Jacobson Five said...

We sell stuff online all the time. My husband will find good deals on things like tools and electronics, we will buy them mostly from Amazon and Dell and then resell them on Ebay or local online paper. Sometimes it is a real good money maker for us, other times not so much.

Wyatt said...
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Wyatt said...

I bought my motorcyle (online) by selling everything I had in my dad's garage... an Acura Vigor, a 4Runner, 2 old motorcycle, an engine and transmission, vintage Triumph and BSA advertisements, amplifiers, yakimaa racks etc. The most expensive was the vigor for $1500 and the cheapest was a 1966 Triumph pricelist for $0.99. Good times. Things I've bought but never sold include longboards and guitars.

Brittany said...

textbooks. i loved selling textbooks when i was in school! it was the best treat for a poor college student.

i for one am grateful for online shopping - if you'll notice wyatt's post(s) we now have less "stuff" in our apartment and one cool moto!

Kristi said...

Dan-it's Kristi from Ricks 1st year. I linked to your blog from Seth's--so fun to catch up on everyone from the past.

I've sold a garbage disposal, dance shoes, down coat and PBK chair covers on EBAY (I'm addicted to that site!) I've also sold an office chair and a few cars from a local classified site (

Glad to see you are living on the East Coast. I kinda miss it!

Bracan said...

Although I have plenty to sell, I tend to like my things, whether junk, useless, or outdated. I keep them in hopes that I might need a part of it to fix something else. In fact Rachel's aunt has a basement full of antiques piled mound after mound and my favorite thing is to rummage through them. In fact I am a big connoisseur of garage sales and thrift stores.

Jen said...

I like to sell my stuff on ebay. We still have one of the leather jouranls, Rick keeps it on his shelf in his office. Very nice.