Saturday, October 02, 2004

this morning

This morning was kind of funny... well, it was funny once we got home. Minna woke up with a terrible neck kink. I called a Chiropractor and walked just a few blocks to the closest one. Minna nearly lost her lunch due to the pain of his examination, but he did some ultrasound therapy and she felt better. The funny part is that he sold us a neck brace. It is such a silly device, but it works. I love you Minna.

I'm still convinced, from my past few expriences with a Chiropractor, that they are salesmen, like a medicine man of old that would go from town to town giving samples of tonic to people and when they feel better they buy. Not that what he is giving was fake but as a salesman was keen, like a lawyer, of what to say to give so much credit to the product. Well, our Chiropractor gave us samples of "BioFreeze", a Bengay type product which, if we like it, we can purchase in no stores, but is only sold in doctors offices... which is true but I found some easily on the web: here Well salesman or not this man that Minna saw was helpful and was a blessing, but I don't think I'm going to buy stuff from him. oops we already did, Minna is wearing it.

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