Sunday, October 10, 2004

what a good trip

We just got back from a fun 4 days away from NY. I was getting some training Wed,Thurs,Fri, and then we played in Boston on Sat. Minna and I just had a good time. I spent most of my time in Providence Rhode Island (my first time to the smallest state in the nation) while I was getting trained by a true New Englander... When we talked about "data" he said "datar", and "source" was pronounced "sauce". "Alpha" is pronounced "Alphar" I learned alot. Minna spent her days in Boston visiting her friend Julie.
Providence is a pretty cool town, filled with people and students. We visited the campus of RISD, what does that mean?... well it took us a while to figure out. so we finally asked someone. We decided that it could have been but wasn't Rhode Island Sick Dogs. Minna guessed the D stood for ducks, but in reality the SD or RISD stands for School of Design. Which reminds me of the design of the womens bathroom. They designed the toilets so that when one was sitting upon the porcelin you were sitting at the sink, and were able to wash one's hands at the same time. It's true I'm not fibbing. Perhaps it was an efficiency design... but I dont' know we didn't exactly ask.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,
Sounds like you are having fun living it up in New York. I'll be in Boston the end of January. I'm not sure how far away that is, maybe we could do something. When is minna due? merry christmas.