Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The arrival

I haven't been able to post to my website for a while (due to not have the right permissions), otherwise I would have posted more about our drive from Salt Lake to New York in a 24 foot Truck. We loaded it up in Seattle, with Caleb's stuff in the back half of the truck. He drove it to Salt Lake and we flew out to meet him there. His stuff was unloaded and we were off across the country.

In about three and a half days we arrived in Rego Park NY. Passing through all the states in between. We stayed the first night in North Platte Nebraska, in a hotel but the next night we spent somewhere in Illinois at a reststop. We pulled out some of the padding for the furniture and a feather sack we pulled a blanket over the top of us and we went to bed. In the dark were stacks of boxes piled up behind us that we couldn't see and furniture shuffled to the side so that we had room to lay on the floor. The sounds of the night were large trucks as they exited I-80. The thin walls of our truck didn't offer too much shelter from the noise but we slept well enough to make it to Eastern Penn. where we stopped more because of the terrible rain than because of tiredness. Again we slept in the back of the truck, lulled away into slumber by the nearest diesel truck slowly chugging in it's parking spot. Minna said that she was so comfortable that night that she didn't want to get out of bed. But we did. We drove through New Jersey and on through Manhattan and Queens via the tunnel 34th street, tunnel. Thankfully some people from our Branch helped us unload. It would have been an all day job for us without their help... we are very grateful. We are officially living in New York City.

We really live here. It was always beyond me that we would ever have this opportunity. I walk out the door of our apartment down the stairs and skateboard down the street and up Austin street turning towards Queens Boulevard to catch the E train avoiding the strange looks people cast, bewildered by such a long skateboard. Coming out of the subway I walk straight into my building across the dark marble floor past the security guard, into the elevators. I get off on the 3rd Floor walk down the hall and through a door way. Here are my co-workers. I walk around a few cubicles and arrive next to the wall where a cube has my name on it and I sit down, in New York.

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