Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Photos from above

The first few days produced such nice weather there was not enough wind to fly my rig with my little kite. But finally at the end of the week there was enough wind. The album has the best of the photos.

Unfortunately we had another hard drive issue while away. The laptop drive went completely out. It was backed-up except for about 100 of my kite photography photos which I had just downloaded. Then it went out. I'm very sad about the loss because there were also some fun photos of Minna taking photos. These are the rest of the photos taken from the rest of the week that I didn't download on to the laptop.

See the photo album here

This is the house we stay in every year. As you can see it is right on the beach. We look out the window and see the beach. We walk out the door and we're on the beach. It's amazing.

Here we are.


Alan said...

These are beautiful! What a fantastic way to remember vacations!

Where'd you buy your kit? Any tips for someone else getting into this?

Dan said...

Thanks Alan,
I got my kit from http://brooxes.com/
- look under "Kits and Bits". I bought the HoBEAK kit with the Flow Form 8 kite. I wish I would have splurged for the bigger kite though. I'm planning on building a bigger kite to save some money.

Chelsea Monet said...

That is awesome!