Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're not going backpacking anymore

We made reservations for backpacking on the Wonderland Trail inMt Rainer National Park. We have decided, however, that logistics of us:
  • going to Cannon Beach for our annual Beard vacation
  • dropping the kids off in Seattle
  • getting ready for the hike
  • going on the hike
  • and getting back to NYC within my time-off limits
is just a lot to do. So we will not be able to use the reservation we have made. Sometimes it is just better to do less.

The reservation is for a round trip:
July 7 White River Campground Trailhead and Summerland Camp
July 8 Indian Bar Camp
July 9 White River Campground Trailhead

You can see on the above map where our reservation is. The trail goes down the right third of the map. Whitehead is near the top and Indian Bar is near the bottom. There is a bigger map here.

I understand it is a beautiful hike.

The reservation cost me $20 and I hate to see it go to waste. The reservation does not include the permit or fees for camping. It just means that you have a guaranteed spot (for up to 6 people) to make this hike.

If you want it call me or email me.


Tysha & Jacob said...

Awww...that sounds like so much fun. But I think Sawyer is a little too little for backpacking quite yet. Maybe by the end of the summer...

Good for you for realizing that when it comes to cramming in adventure, at times less can be more. Enjoy your vacation and the Oregon Coast!

Gregg said...

Did you get any takers on this? With this winter's snow and non-spring weather, this trail is still mostly under snow now, at the end of July.

Dan said...

no, no takers. That's good to know though. Now I don't really feel like I missed out.