Friday, June 13, 2008

My first kite photography

I bought a kit that included the kite, string and camera mount. And I bought a new camera. The contraption automatically takes a photo, then rotates the camera 30 degrees and repeats until you stop it.

Steps to be able to take photo with this kit:

1 Take apart servo and modify the gears to accept bigger diameter screw. This was amazingly tedious. Something I was not expecting.

2 Assemble the rig.

3 Hack camera, and install "firmware enhancement" so the camera can be triggered to take photos via usb, without pushing the button.

4 Assemble the kite using boy scout knots that I forgot.

5 Attach rig to kite string.

6 Try not to let my new camera collide with the ground.

7 Allow the camera to make a few rotations on the rig.

8 Reel camera back in.

7 Happily look through the treasure trove of photos.

Click and see the treasure trove here.


Kerianne said...

HOly cow Dan! That is sooo coooolllll! Like really really awesome. I heard you talk about it like 3 times, but I had no idea you were actually going to do it. So you got a digital camera. What kind? Cannon like you thought? Wow.
You need to take LOTS more photos.
So cool, SO COOL!

Shane ( team rad ) said...

Well done! this is really cool!

Jennifer Lynch said...

Wow Dan--that's so cool! Aerial photography!

Hannah Stevenson said...

That is pretty neat Dan! Now we know how a kite sees the world.