Saturday, May 31, 2008

I always wondered about cars and when they die

Way back, a long time ago I lived in Seattle.

I had a roomate named Bracan.

I got married we went to NY for a job.

Around the same time, Bracan got married and I sold my car to him.

A wonderful 92 Honda Accord. I loved that car. It had been stolen, broken into at least 3 times. Our family owned it from about 30,000 miles and I rolled 200,000 not long before I sold it. I had so many memories that included the car. It was very faithful to me.

Anyway, I think other members of my family might also be slightly attached to this car even though it is no longer ours.

While the verdict is yet out on the future of my old car, it looks pretty dead.

Please read the story of our good friends, the Williams, who recently had a non-typical day in my old car. While the car portion of the story is interesting, the pregnancy part of the story is a nail-biter.

I don't want to spoil it just go read it.


Tysha & Jacob said...

The good part about the story is that since it was an accident and not their fault - maybe they'll get a little $$ from the death of the car. That would be a blessing after going through all of that! But nail-biting is right - it's like - good-bye honda and hello baby Alice (hopefully not too soon!) It's actually pretty amazing that car has still been running so well for so long!

Rachel Williams said...

The car really was amazing! We did have to replace an alternator, but for a car with over 250,000 miles on it, it was running great!! It took us from WA to AZ to UT and it was still going strong. It will be sorely missed, especially since our only vehicle now is a gas guzzeling pathfinder.

I was actually very very thankful that the accident happpened in the Honda because as you well know it has an automatic chest belt but a manual lap belt. I am normally very good about wearing both. However it wasn't until friday that I realized I must of not put on the lap belt yet at the time of the accident because I would have had bruising over my hips. And since baby Alice is hanging out head down and really low the lap belt doesn't actually stay on my hips, under the belly. Therefore, I am convinced that although my chest bruising may be more significant as a result of not having the lap belt on, baby Alice was saved from some major forces that would of been directly over her head.

On a side note, to conserve gas and give me more stroller room, I normally would drive the pathfinder around Bountiful (short distances) and Bracan would drive the Honda to work in SLC. Bracan had Tues, Wed, Thur off work, so we had switched Lucy's carseat to the Honda on Wed (the day before the accident) because we took the Honda into SLC that day. We are very thankful that we were driving the Honda on Thur becuase of the above mentioned reason and also because I think that Lucy's carseat was actually more secure in it! So although it's sad to see it die, I'm glad it protected us like it did!