Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kite spars

Getting the kites spars ready. The kite being 8 ft tall needs three separate sections to make up the spine of the kite. I have a graphite ferrule that I cut from a longer rod, that I've glued into a couple of the spars.

Epoxy, that stuff's crazy strong.


Chris and Beth Will said...

good thing you now have a van to carry this huge kite. I wish I could see the kite in action!

Candice said...

This kite is going to be amazing.

I need some epoxy. I do not know why, but it sounds awesome.

carrie said...

Is this the kind of kite that will lift you in the air? Sounds fun.


Dan said...

yes this kite will go into the air. It should be big enough to lift a camera to take aerial photos.