Thursday, November 20, 2008

I went into Manhattan for dinner

I had a work dinner where we celebrated a recent finished project. I'm glad its done!

We ate near Times Square.

The only photo of the food. It was a tasty salad.

On my way home I was playing with my camera's timer setting, in the subway waiting for the train.


Lauren Dyer said...

I love New York. What a cool picture of the subway.

Tysha said...

It must be close to lunch b/c that salad is making me drool...I just LOVE fresh mozarella!

Holly said...

I'm sooo jealous that you live there.

candicerail said...

I feel like I always ask "How" in your posts.

Like, "How did you set up your camera in the New York subway to take that picture?"

Did you have a tripod? Am I paranoid that I think that people in New York subways steal cameras on tripods?

When we used the Metro/LTrain/Trax/subway in other cities I never worried. However, I have heard horror stories about New York. I guess I was wrong. Thank goodness.

Last but not least, I am glad that you did not take the "I am holding the camera self portrait" I do not like those as much. Your picture was cool.

Dan said...

The camera was on a timer. There are stairs coming down to the platform and I just placed the camera on one of the steps.

The scary part was when I was taking the photo on timer the camera beeps... like it is going to explode. I was more wary of scaring people in the subway than getting the camera ripped off.

carrie said...

The city is so pretty. What cool shots. So, is your beeper so loud that you really were wary of scaring people over the noise of the train? That salad looks delectable!

Neha said...

Great pictures!