Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another day taking photos from a kite, with a twist ending

It was just another normal day taking photos from a kite. Minna's cousin Amy was in town and we were all down at Rockaway Beach. This was just hours before hurricane Hanna swept across New York City. It was perfectly windy... or so I thought.

There were so many surfers. The waves were big and plentiful.

There was a really cool jetty that I walked out on. I got splashed a couple of times. You can see me in this photo.

With the kite still in the air, I walked it back to the beach. Where suddenly without warning it turned straight down and landed in the water.

The camera landed on the damp sand. And appears to be working fine. I had to fish the kite out of the ocean. Pulling on a kite in water is a hundred times harder than pulling on a kite in the air.

I'm glad the camera landed on the sand. The water would have been bad.

The kite still flew, it was just heavy with water. It's nylon and dried out pretty quick. The camera still has some sand in it but works fine, so no harm done. Just another story to tell.


candicerail said...

Okay, I did not even realize that you had a blog (or did I once know and lost the link?), and now that I am here I realize that you are so cool! I cannot even comprehend putting a camera on a kite and taking a hurricane!!! (Imagine that I am saying this whole thing in exclamations!) I love looking at your blog. It is so different from your sweet wife's. I should have Andrew (my husband) do his own for a different reference to our life.

What kind of camera are you does that work, and how did you get the idea to do it?

Dan said...

candice you are hilarious.
It's a Canon A570. It's a little camera and was only $120 or so. I bought the kit to hook it onto your camera here. I saw some kite photography one time, and after that I just really wanted to try it.

Christy Dyer said...

This is a new experience see things from the kite's angle. Good Job! Can I fly it when we come?

Anonymous said...

Cool kite photos. Hey, my family is from Rockaway and I've spent many a day at that beach as a child. Several family members are still on 130th St. I was just there a couple weeks ago! --jen lynch