Friday, August 08, 2008

In Utah, before the family reunion, we...

...fed ducks at a duck pond. You can see Jane trying to get in the water in the background. For her that was the whole point.

...took a walk up onto BYU campus.

...went up to Sundance, a very beautiful place.

...took a family photo.

...shane threw a bottle in the air for me to catch. I did not catch it. I was concentrating on taking the photo. Notice he is off the ground he threw it so hard.

...were told by Hannah that these are the flowers "for when mama gets married". She has already picked out flowers for her own wedding. I'm not sure how she learned that you pick flowers for a wedding at her age. We'll probably discuss the fact that mama is already married in the very near future.

...enjoyed the rain. Jane loves umbrellas. You can see her in the background of this photo. Shortly after this was taken we walked into the bike rental place and she knocked over a bike. I caught the bike with the umbrella between me and th bike. The bike was fine and Jane was fine, but the umbrella didn't make it.

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