Monday, April 25, 2005

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I should mention that I found all the cool stuff to see below on It's a pretty good blog. They have some pretty cool stuff but I really don't like them when they use profanity. I thought the first time I when to that it was the coolest clean blog. It had all sorts of just wierd cool stuff then I started going there on a regular basis and they proved me wrong, oh they still had cool stuff but it's not an entirely clean blog. I wish they would not post profanity and potty humor stuff. It's so degrading on their #1 linked-to blog status. Sure they get a lot of links but it's just so lame when they swear and are vulgar. Shame on boingboing for being such and awesome blog that can't keep their nose clean.

(actually I should mention that not all the things below were posted on but that my web surfing was initiated there)

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